GRADE 1st to 3rd

  • Craft LED Stick Candles: A takeaway that trains students in electrics and circuits.
  • Hand Casting: An activity which teaches students about sculpting and make their hand sculpture.
  • Wind Turbine Game: Make your own electricity generator using wind and spread light.
  • Phone Speaker: Use of the best out of waste and make your own phone speakers

GRADE 4th to 5th

  • VR glasses: Make this takeaway project and use it to experience virtual reality with any phone.
  • Water Level Indicator: This is electronics project helps students get a better understanding of sensors and finding daily life innovations.
  • PVC Lamp: Make a designer lamp to decorate your room using PVC pipes.
  • LED Keychain: This project adds to beauty of your key holders and serves as a torch also.

Grade 6th to 7th

  • Air Purifier: Relieve yourself and your home from pollution with this Do It Yourself project
  • LED Tilt Box: Decorate your home interiors with these cool light boxes with different colors.
  • Hungry Robot: This project provides a stylish and interesting way to small things on your table.
  • Glowing Display Board: This display board will add an interesting touch to your how you present things.

Grade 8th to 9th

  • Motion Detection Camera: This infotainment project helps students understand electronics better and understand the importance of security.
  • Self-Balancing Robot: This electronics project will help students understand Arduino better and how it can be used to do further innovations.
  • Smart Pot: This pot indicates when a plant needs water and helps to maintain the apt water level.
  • Cardboard Chair: This chair will add to the beauty of the house and also promote finding daily innovations.
  • Photography: The art of photography combined with the knowledge of cameras and lenses that will ensure you capture a great shot of your treasured memories every time.

Skills and Topics Covered

  • VR technology
  • Casting and sculptures
  • Electrics and electricity
  • Electronics and circuits
  • Arduino
  • Best out of waste
  • sensors
  • 3D printing
  • Structures and their analysis
  • Critical Thinking
  • Daily life innovations

 Age Group
.  Age 10+(Grade 4+)


  • Manav Rachna Students: Rs. 2500 (plus taxes)
  • Others: Rs. 3000 (plus taxes)

Dates & Timings

  • MRIS-46, Gurugram 18 May-31 May
  • MRIS-14, Faridabad 20 May-31 May
  • MRIS-51, Noida 20 May-1 June
  • MRIS-Charmwood, Faridabad 24 May-6 June
  • MRIS, Mohali 25 May-8 June
  • MRIS-21, Faridabad 27 May-1 June
  • Vega School, Gurugram 27 May-21 June
  • Wisdom World, Kurukshetra 23 June-30 June


  • Children are required to bring a bagged/boxed lunch. As there will be dedicated ½ hr slot for the lunch in between the workshop.

How to register And Pay
.  Register online at
.  Visit at one of the school locations, fill available forms and pay via cash.
.  Bank Details
.  ICICI Bank
.  Technoplanet Lab Pvt. Ltd.
.  Account No: 661305600816
.  IFSC: ICIC0006613

.  Branch: Neelam Bata Road, NIT Faridabad