January 2015: Technoplanet was proud to be present at the Premier Schools Exhibition, Asia’s Largest and Oldest Schools Exhibition. The mega event has had its exhibition in 13 cities across India and more than 3 international locations. In its 11th year, Premier Schools Exhibition has grown considerably big! Organised in The Grand, Vasant Kunj Premier Schools Exhibition was a two day affair on January 17 and January 18, 2015 with more than 200 schools attending it.This exhibition has exclusive showcasing of India’s Top Boarding Schools and International Schools, Day Schools and Day Boarding. The schools have their stalls, where the authorities interact face-to-face with the parents, guiding them through the curriculum, teaching methodology and counselling through seminars.
This year Technoplanet participated in the exhibition and the response has been quite awesome! TechnoPlanet is planning to collaborate with the schools for Robotics, Game and App Development. The stall was visited by many and the feedback from parents has been great. They showed a great deal of interest. Not only parents but also the kids were quite fascinated with the idea of developing their own apps and games. Hands on training and code free environment appealed to the parents. TechnoPlanet also held a session of App Development for students, teachers and parents. It was open for all, so that everyone could get a real feel of App Development, and they all loved it! No wonder effortlessness dawned!

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