At Technoplanet, we keep up with the new technical advancement and teach them same along with allowing them to experiment and explore their creativity. Month of May was dedicated towards Innovation challenge for sixth grade and above standards.

A (Poly vinyl Chloride) PVC Design Challenge was organized at schools affiliated to us across India. Students were left free to design ideas creatively using PVC Pipes which allows countless opportunities for building and engineering projects and is good for all kind of building projects along with some other required material. They carefully begun by cutting pipes on Miter Box ( designed at headquarters. The projects were made in teams were also exhibited. Teachers and other visitors appreciated the ideas lead out with finesse in design, texture and color scheme of same.

We were amazed of outcomes as they built projects include basic daily use domestic items like mobile, stationary and laptop holder and charger; tab holder, table with fan, foldable stool, LED book stand, towel holder. Adding up is décor item tagging uniqueness with candle stand, PVC Car, speaker lamp, plant stand, book stand with multiple shelves. The eye caught with mirror made with PVC and bed made for infirmary.

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Our new educational inmates- GD Goenka
Competed Boing National Aeromodelling Championship, IIT Kanpur

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